Toon Stud Cums on Himself During Anal


This bear loves the feeling of a bare cock deep in his asshole, but not quite as much as he loves the feeling of a fresh load of hot cum deep inside of his hole!  These two were laying in bed together when the urge to fool around comes over them.  The two kiss and caress each other before taking turns sucking each other’s cock.  The less hairy of the two bears lays down on his side and lifts his leg up to reveal his tight asshole.  He enters him and thrusts in and out of his hole, getting closer and closer to orgasm with each thrust.  His moans grow louder, indicating he’s going to cum soon.  As his load begins to shoot out of his cock into the other guy’s asshole, the sensation of jizz splashing around inside of him instantly causes him to cum as well, shooting his load all over his chest and stomach.

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