Perverted Doctor Groping His Patient


This doctor specializes in care for young men… mostly because he loves their soft, young bodies!  This ginger cartoon stud came into the office for a routine exam, and the doctor leads him into the exam room, closing the door tightly behind him.  “I’m going to need you to strip down, and then sit on that table,” he tells him.  He places a hand on his back, gently massaging him, as his other hand ventures down south and cups his balls.  “I need you to turn your head and cough” he then tells him.  He notices the smile spreading across the studs face, and knows that he’s enjoying being touched in this manner.  He wants to go further, but he has other patients to see.  “Talk to my receptionist on your way out… we’ll get you in soon for a much more thorough and deep inspection next time you’re in” he tells him.   He can’t wait to see his horny doctor again!

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