Buff 3D Cop Fucks a Prisoner’s Ass

This 3D cartoon stud was a repeat offender, and the cops knew him quite well.  They caught him up to no good again, and they took him down to the station.  This muscular cop was the arresting officer, and the guy pleaded with him to let him free.  Frankly, the cop didn’t feel like doing all the paperwork so he decided to make a deal with him.  “Suck my cock” he says.  The prisoner complies, willing to do anything in exchange for his freedom.  He make sure to do a real good job sucking to give him a better chance of being let free.  He had figured that was all he would need to do but then the cop commands him “Let me fuck that tight ass.” He obliges, laying on his side and letting him go all out pounding his tight little asshole with his big hard cock.

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