3D Prisoner Fucked by an Ebony Cop

This 3D cartoon prisoner had been caught snatching purses again on the street and this heavy dark skinned cop promptly caught him and brought him to the jail.  As he’s about to lock the door behind him for the holding cell, the convict begins to plead with him.  “Please, man, I’ll do anything.  I’ve got a wife and kids at home, please, let me go free this time.”  The cop was feeling horny, so he had an idea.  He agrees to cut him a break, but only if he does what he asks.  He tells him to get against the door of the cell and grab the bars and lower his pants.  He does, and the cop then thrusts his big hard black cock deep into his tight asshole.  He then finishes off by having him get on top of him and bounce up and down on his big black prick.

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